Why A Foam Roof Coating May Be Ideal For Your Commercial Building

If your commercial building needs a new roof, you may want to consider applying a foam coating instead. You'll get superior protection against leaking and wind damage, even if you have a flat roof. Here are some reasons a foam roof coating is a good choice.

Leak Protection

Foam roof coatings offer the ultimate protection against water leaking because of the way they are applied. The coating is sprayed onto the roof in liquid form. This allows the foam to mold itself around vents and pipes that come through the roof. The liquid creates a single solid sheet over your roof that has no gaps or seams. When the foam liquid dries, it expands several times in size and it hardens. The end result is a continuous protective barrier over your roof that has no openings for water to seep through.

Reflective Quality

The foam layer is usually covered with a top coat to protect your roof from UV damage. The light color of the foam and top coat reflect the sun's rays, so the roof stays cooler. Since the sunlight is reflected, rather than absorbed, the inside of your building stays cooler, and this can result in lower utility bills. Plus, the foam itself acts as insulation, which keeps heat from escaping through your roof in the winter.

Self Flashing

Traditional roofs need flashing around everything that protrudes through the roof. Flashing is usually metal strips attached to a pipe, vent, or chimney and connected to the roof. Flashing is a common source of roof leaks. When you use a foam roof coating, you can eliminate the need for flashing and the problems that come along with it. Since the foam wraps around pipes and other objects that come through or rest on your roof, it creates its own watertight flashing. This not only eliminates the risk for leaks, it also reduces the amount of roof maintenance you'll need to do.

Quick Application

Foam roof coatings are quick and easy to apply. This helps keep costs low. The most labor intensive part is preparing the roof for application of the foam. The roof has to be clean and dry. Once that's done, the foam is sprayed on with a wand and allowed to harden. There is very little disruption to your business operations. If you currently have a roof leak, it's a quick way to permanently fix the problem.

The foam coating is very durable once it has hardened. You'll be able to walk on it to inspect your roof from time to time. It will resist damage from weather extremes and high winds. You'll also get a good return on your investment, since the foam roof should last for many years with little expense needed for maintenance.