3 Keys To The Best Roof Maintenance

The roof that you have overhead is one of the most important things in your life, since it protects your family and your home, which is typically your most critical investment. Along with your foundation, the roof is the most crucial portion of your home, which means it must be protected for the long haul. Depending on the type of roof you have, you can expect it to last anywhere between 15 and 50 years. Whether you have a roof made of asphalt, rubber, concrete, or any other materials, you can help it last longer with some dedicated maintenance. Below are three key ways to maintain your roof. 

#1: Keep Your Gutters As Clean As Possible

Cleaning the gutters is not just an obligation to keep your home looking good, it can save the life of your roof. Leaves and other debris can clog the gutters and create debilitating backups on the roof. This can in turn damage paint and cause your basement to become damp and moldy. Cleaning the gutters is something that you can do for yourself a couple of times per year, or hire a roofing contractor to do for between $50 and $250

#2: Follow Some Climate Specific Maintenance Tips

Since your roof endures the brunt of the elements, you will need to know how help your roof brave these elements, no matter the season. First, you'll need to be mindful of the fact that critters like birds, squirrels and raccoons might build nests inside of your roof between seasons. You'll need to call animal control immediately, since their nests can completely ruin your roof. Next, you should inspect your tile and shingles after heavy storms, since they can compromise the integrity of your roof. Finally, consider getting a sealant for your roof, since constant sun exposure can cause roof components to peel and crack. 

#3: Get The Roof Inspected Annually

To truly know that your roof lasts as long as it possibly can, you should get it inspected every year. Doing this will help you get any repairs that you need, before roof issues get out of hand. Roofing contractors will inspect for things like damaged shingles, peeling caulk and damage near ventilation pipes. This inspection is well worth every penny. 

Follow these three tips accordingly, so that you are able to safeguard your roof and your entire home. Contact a roofing contractor like Lucas Roofing & Sheet Metal for more details.