3 Reasons To Replace Your Existing Roof With Copper

Replacing your existing roof is a great way to increase the value of your home, and even improve the curb appeal of your home, while also being able to enjoy a great many other benefits that quality roofing materials can provide. Copper roofing tiles are among the best roofing materials that you can buy because they will last for many years, are durable, and can improve your home's energy-efficiency.


Copper roofing tiles will be able to improve your home's energy-efficiency by keeping the interior of your home cooler in the summer. This will allow you to cut back on the amount of energy that you are using with your air conditioner, which has the nice added benefit of lowering your monthly utility bills.

A copper roof will keep your home cooler in the summer because it has a reflective surface, which means that it will not absorb the light like other roofing materials do. This will keep that absorbed light from heating up the interior of your home.

Last For Many Yeats

In many cases, a copper roof will most likely last longer than the amount of time that you will be living in the house. Copper roofing tiles will often even last longer than the house that they are built on, which is why copper roofing tiles are often reused on other structures. 

In general, you can expect a copper roof to last just under 100 years. This lifespan means that you could theoretically never have to worry about replacing your roof ever again.


Finally, you will want to consider a copper roof because it will be able to stand up to a lot of punishment. In fact, copper roofing tiles can often withstand situations that would destroy other roofing materials.

For example, other metal roofing can rust and wood roofing can rot in wet climates, but copper will not. Copper will actually end up developing a beautiful greenish patina that will increase its already impressive water resistance.

In addition, copper is ideal for dry climates because it is a fireproof material. This is great because that means that a neighborhood fire or wildfire will not be able to ignite your roof, which can help keep the fire from spreading to the rest of your home since many fires spread from house to house by jumping from roof to roof.

Speak to a roofing contractor like Osmus Roofing to learn more about copper roofing and the many different roofing options that are available to you.