Three Ways To Repair And Revive Your Old Flat Asphalt Roofing

If you have an older asphalt roof, it will eventually decay and need repair and replacement. There are several options to renovate your asphalt roofing. Some of the options may be just repairs and patches to the roof to prevent leaks. You can do things like install a green roof and plants or install energy efficient roofing membranes on your flat roof. You can also integrate renewable energy into your roofing with solar membranes. If you have an old asphalt roof, here are some things that you can have done to repair your roof and revive your building:

1. Replacing Your Asphalt With Rooftop Green Space

There is a lot of valuable real estate on flat roofs. If you are replacing an asphalt roof, your building probably has a heavier structure to carry the weight of asphalt. These heavier structures are also ideal for roofing systems that include plants as a finish. They consist of membranes, drainage systems and light soil for plants. These systems can give your business more energy efficiency, as well as useable rooftop green space.

2. Adding Energy Efficiency To Your Roof With Membrane Roofing

A roofing membrane on your roof may be another great improvement that you can have done. Lightweight roofing membranes have the benefit of reflecting heat to keep your business cool. They are also more affordable and easier to repair than conventional asphalt roofing. You can also add a foam underlayment to these roofs to give your business more insulation, which can be good in colder climates where heating costs are also a concern.

3. Integrating Renewable Energy Into The Design Of Your Flat Roof

In addition to energy savings, there are also ways you can integrate renewable energy into your flat roofing system. With green roofing, this can be a system that collects drainage water for use in irrigation systems for landscaping and rooftop plants. With a membrane roof, you can have solar panels integrated into the roofing system to help produce electricity for your business. You can also have solar collectors installed on your roof to help with heating and hot water needs of your business.

If you have an asphalt roof, these are some things that you can do to revive it and get more out of your investment. You can contact a commercial roofing contractor, such as RTN Roofing Systems, and talk with them about some of the repairs and improvements you can have done to your roof.