Three Ways To Make Your New Roof Green And Energy Efficient

Roofs are one area of homes that often get overlooked when it comes to going green. Many people opt for the most affordable solution, which is asphalt shingles and a conventional roofing system. Today, many options available can make your home energy efficient and even give you renewable energy. With better underlayments, improved roofing shingles and solar systems integrated into your roof, your roof can do a lot more than just keep the rain out. Here are some ways that you can make your roof a more eco-friendly part of your home:

1. Choosing Underlayments That Reduce Energy Loss

There are many different choices when it comes to the building materials used on your roof. This includes underlayments like the plywood and moisture barrier that roofing will be installed on. The roof decking on your home can be replaced with new energy efficient plywood. The plywood can also be thinner sheathing if you want to install it over existing decking. You may also want to use a moisture barrier that is energy efficient instead of conventional asphalt felt paper.

2. Using A Roofing Material That Is Green And Energy Efficient

The roofing on your home can also be done with something other than conventional asphalt shingles. If you want to have something that is affordable, there are rubber shingle materials that are made out of recycled materials. These materials are thicker than conventional shingles and can provide your roof with more insulation. For warm climates, there are also lighter colored shingles that will reflect heat rather than absorb it, which can reduce heat gain. If you want a roof that is made from renewable resources, wood shakes are also a good choice for roofing materials.

3. Integrating Renewable Energy Into Your Roof Design

Renewable energy can also be integrated into the design of your roof. This can include things like rooftop solar panels and wind turbines. If you want to have a more attractive solution, there are also solar roofing materials available that are not as noticeable as conventional solar panels.  In addition, you can also use solar energy to power things like attic fans for ventilation. Solar roofing comes in a variety of styles to match almost any type of roof you choose. For a conventional roof, you can use a membrane solar panel to attach to your roof. This can also be done with shake and slate roofs.

Roofing on your home can be one of the greenest improvements you make, which can help you reduce your energy costs in many ways. If you are ready to go green with your new roof, contact a roofing contractor, like All American Roofing Incorporated, and talk with them about some of these green roofing solutions for your home.