Three Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe During And After A Roof Replacement

Having your roof replaced can bring quite a bit of relief if you've been dealing with leaks and disrepair. However, the process can present a few risks to kids. You have to be concerned about them stepping on nails, accidentally being hit with flying shingles, and bumping into ladders left leaning against your home. To keep your kids safe during and after your roof replacement, follow these three tips:

Make sure your kids do not go outside without supervision.

Most kids are going to be curious about what's going on outside on the roof. Simply telling them "stay inside" is not likely to be enough. Take other measures, such as asking an adult friend to come visit for the day, so you have more than one set of eyes to watch the kids, to ensure they don't sneak outside without your permission.

Ask the roofers to take down any ladders and sweep up if they leave.

If you plan on going outside with the kids at some point, whether to take them to school, the store, or a friend's house, you want to make sure the pathway from your door to the car is as safe as possible. Explain to the roofers that you have kids, and ask that they take down any ladders and sweep up any nails or shingles on the ground before they leave for any period of time. This way, you don't have to worry so much about injuries from falling ladders or sharp nails as you head to the car.

Make sure your kids play outside only in heavy shoes in the weeks following the roof replacement.

No matter how careful your roofers are, it's possible that a few nails will be scattered through your yard during the roof replacement process. To prevent injuries, do not let your kids play outside in flip flops or sandals after the procedure. Make sure the shoes they wear have thick, rubberized soles that won't be penetrated by a nail. Instruct your children to be on the lookout for nails while they are playing, but tell them not to pick them up if they see them. Instead, have them come get you and point out the nails, so that you can pick them up.

With the tips above, you can ensure your children stay safe before and after your roof replacement. Above all else, make sure your roofers know you have kids, so they can be more vigilant in preventing injuries and dangerous situations. Contact a professional roofing company, like Davis Bros Roofing, to discuss your roof replacement and safety preferences.