Snow Is No Problem with a Metal Roof

Ice dams are a condition that plagues shingle roofs during the winter. As meltwater freezes over the eaves, blocks of ice form and can cause water to pool up behind them. This water can then run under shingles and leak into your house. Ice dams are just one of the problems that can plague your roof during cold weather. In order to better protect your home against the effects of snow, you need to install a roofing material that is snow proof. Metal roofing can withstand even the worst that winter has to dish out. 

 A Low-Friction Surface

Every year snow collapses roofs across the country. The problem is that many roofing materials have a high-friction surface. Consider asphalt shingles. They look like thick pieces of sandpaper. When snow accumulates on such a surface, the friction between the snow and the roof is enough to allow the snow to build up until the shear weight of all those trillions of snow flakes is enough to collapse a roof. Metal has a low-friction surface. As heat from your home melts the bottom layer of snow, the lack of friction between the snow and your roof will cause the snow to slough right off of your home. Thus, if you live in an area that receives dangerous amounts of snow, you should use a metal roof. 

Anti-Ice Dam Technology

If snow sloughs right off of your roof, you don't have to worry about meltwater building up behind ice dams, but even if ice dams did form on a metal roof, you have a solid panel of metal extending from the eaves to the ridge of your roof. Thus, any water that dams up on your roof has no way to run under your roof. 

Other Advantages of a Metal Roof

The same metal roof that protects your home through the winter will help to keep your cooling costs down during the summer. Metal roofs will have a reflective surface that will repel the sun's UV rays. In this way, a metal roof can keep your home cooler and reduce your cooling demand by up to 15%

The best way to choose a roof is to consider the conditions that your roof will have to cope with and then choose a roof that is a match for those conditions. When you have to deal with excessive snowfall, a metal roof will give you the protection you need to keep your home intact through the winter. For more information, talk to a roofing contractor.