Four Tips For Safely Inspecting Your Roof For Storm Damage

Storms affect many asphalt roofs and if yours is damaged, you may need to file an insurance claim and have repairs done. If you want to inspect your own roof before anyone else, you will want to be safe while doing it. This means properly using a ladder, staying clear of utilities and using fall protection if you get on the roof. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while inspecting your roof for storm damage.

1. Inspecting Visible Damage from the Ground

Before you even get on your roof, you may want to inspect any visible damage from the ground. Some of the things that you will want to look for are missing shingles and tears in the roofing. You may also be able to see things like shingles curling up or being deformed due to damage. If you can see damage from the ground, you may want to call a roofer to get an estimate for repairs.

2. Safe Use of a Ladder to Inspect Roof Damage

Sometimes, there is no way to see the extent of damage from the ground. You may need to use a ladder to get a closer look. The ladder should be extended above the slope of the roof by at least 2 to 3 feet. Also, make sure the ladder is on firm ground and not at too much of an angle. You may also want to use a fiberglass ladder if there are a lot of power lines and trees near your home.

3. Avoiding Utilities While Inspecting for Roof Damage

There may different utilities on your roof, which live wires can cause serious injury. Avoid areas with power lines, and if there are tree branches touching lines, do not touch them. Also, if there is damage in an area with utilities, do not get too close. You may want to use a camera to take pictures to help and avoid getting too close to utilities.

4. Using Appropriate Fall Protection to Inspect Your Roof

If you get on a roof with a steep slope, you will want to use good fall protection. This should be an approved bracket, ropes, and harness. You can get fall protection equipment from any home improvement store, and this can be fine for inspecting damage on your roof.

These are some tips to help you safely inspect your roof for storm damage. If you need to have damage to your roof repaired, contact a roofing contractor like Homestreet Roofing Inc and talk with them about getting the repairs done to your home.