Tips For Choosing The Color Of Your Roof Trim

Choosing the color of your roof trim can be a difficult task. If you are having the roof professionally trimmed, then you are not going to want to have to redo the work that the professional did for fear that you will mess it up. If you are doing the roof trim painting yourself, then you're probably not going to want to redo the job. Regardless of your situation, you want the color to be correct the first time. You don't want to have the trim painted and then wonder for the next few years if you made the right decision. Here are some tips for determining your style and choosing a roof trim color.

1. What's your focal point?

One factor that you should consider is what the focal point of your house is, or what part of your house you would like to emphasize. If you want to emphasize the roof as the focal point of your home, then you will want to choose a color that closely matches the shade of the roof for the trim in order to slightly expand upon the roof and draw a viewer's eye to it.

Conversely, if you want the door of the home or the garden in front of the home to be the focal point of your home, then you will want to choose a color for the roof trim that closely matches the color of the bulk of your house, or at least the part of the house that the trim touches if your home has more than one color. You could also choose a trim color that is slightly lighter than the color of the house. These will keep the trim from accidentally attracting attention that needs to go to the door.

2. How traditional is your house?

Another factor to consider is how traditional your house is. If your house is built in a Victorian or Tudor style, then you are going to want to emphasize the trim in a traditional way. The color of your house and the color of your roof both need to be darker than the color of your trim. Therefore, choosing white, cream, or a very light gray are a good way to illuminate the underside of a roof while still adhering to traditional styles.

3. Do you live in a stone house or a house with masonry?

Finally, if you live in a house that is made out of stone or uses masonry in some way to hold it together, then you should consider trimming the roof in the same color as the grout. This will tie the house together and allow you to avoid using too many different colors, which could cause confusion.

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