Three Important Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

The fact that you don't spend much time looking at your roof each day shouldn't mean that you disregard this important part of your home. Even if you can't clearly see your roof from the ground, it's necessary to give consideration to how you can keep your roof lasting as long as possible. While hiring a reputable roofing contractor can help you deal with any damage to the shingles or sheathing before they cause major problems, it's ideal to take a series of preventative steps that will decrease the likelihood that you'll run into roofing issues. Here are three valuable ways that you can extend the life of the roof of your home.

Remove Ice Dams Promptly

Ice dams are built-up sections of ice that form along the bottom edge of a roof due to heat loss through the attic. If the dams are large enough, they'll prevent the snow from sliding off the roof. Over time, this means that the moisture from the snow can soak beneath the roofing shingles and cause damage. Keep an eye out for ice dams; even if you can't see the ice itself, you'll know that you're dealing with this problem if your roof is significantly snowier than the other homes on your street. Call a contractor to remove the dams and you'll be taking a key step toward prolonging the life of your roof.

Clean Blocked Roof Vents

It's beneficial to climb into your attic from time to time to inspect the condition of your roof vents. These vents can often be targeted by birds and you might find swings and other nesting materials clogging the vents. This means that the heat inside your attic isn't permitted to escape, which can dramatically boost the attic temperature when it's hot outside. The result can be damage to the shingles – they're not built to withstand high temperatures rising from beneath them, and this can mean that the warp or crack. Remove any obstacles from the roof vents or, if you're not confident to handle this job, hire a roofing contractor to do the job for you.

Don't Let Branches Hang Over The Roof

Keep an eye on the growth of your trees and take steps to ensure that any branches don't grow so they're hanging directly over the roof. This can cause enough shade that mildew and moss develop on the roof, which isn't ideal, and there's always a danger of a dead branch snapping off and damaging the roof. Handle the trimming yourself or hire a tree-cutting service to keep the trees around your home tidy.

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