Safety Tips For Working On Your Roof This Spring

If part of your spring cleaning includes cleaning debris off your roof and cleaning out your gutters and drains, it is vital that you also know how to work safely on your roof as well. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind as you clear off your roof and do routine maintenance this spring.

Always Let Someone Know When You Will Be Working On Your Roof

You should never work on your roof alone. If you fall or injure yourself, no one will know where you are or that you need assistance. Ideally, you should have someone work on the roof with you or be outside while you are working on the roof. If someone cannot be outside with you, make sure that you call someone and let them know when you will start working on your roof and when they should expect a call back from you. 

Don't Clean Your Roof In Poor Weather

Next, you should work on your roof on a nice, clear, sunny day. Do not work on your roof when it has been raining. Wait for your roof to dry out before you start working on it. A wet roof increases your chance that you could slip and fall. 

You should also avoid working on your roof if there are high winds in your area. High winds could make you lose your balance and could compromise your safety while you are working on your roof.

Wear The Right Gear

You should also make sure that you are wearing the right gear. You should wear sturdy boots or shoes that provide you with good traction; this will prevent you from slipping while working on your roof. 

You should also put on some gloves with a good grip to help you pick up any debris that you encounter on your roof. Additionally, you should put on safety glasses and a hard hat. The safety glasses will protect you from any debris that could potentially get in your eye and compromise your vision while you are working. A hard hat can protect you from falling debris and keep you safe if you were to fall down for any reason. 

Put On A Safety Harness

Finally, although you may feel like you have great balance, you can never be too safe. You should purchase and wear a safety harness while working on your roof. Make sure that your safety harness is attached to something sturdy, so that if you slip and fall, your harness will be able to support your weight. 

Before you check your roof off of your spring cleaning list, make sure that know how to go about cleaning your roof in a safe manner. If you don't feel comfortable working on your own roof, contact a business such as Lakeside Roofing.