6 Signs That You Need Immediate Roof Repair Or Replacement

While your roof could go unnoticed throughout most of the year since you spend most of your time inside, it shouldn't be ignored. If you see any of these signs, it could mean that you need immediately roof repair or replacement.

Lighting Fixtures That Push Downward

Take a look at the lighting fixtures in your home. Do any of them push downward from the ceiling? Does the housing they are connected to look unsecure? If so, these are the signs that the roof is putting pressure on the lighting fixtures. You'll need to hire a roofer to examine the problem and determine if it can lead to the roof collapsing.

Sagging Roof Rafters

Inside your attic are the roof's rafters. You'll want to inspect them visually to verify if they're bent, displaced, or misshaped. Any rafters that are out of shape will need to be replaced before the entire rafter fails, which will put additional pressure on the rafters that surround it as well.

Cracking In The Ceiling or Walls

It's normal for a house to settle, which will cause small cracks along walls. They happen gradually over time, and are relatively harmless. What you need to look out for are cracks that appear suddenly, since it's a sign of a weak roof putting added pressure on other aspects of your home.

Warping Window Frames or Doors

It's not normal for the window frames or doors in your home to warp. The damage may not be obvious either, since it could be as simple as windows that get stuck easier when closing or opening them. The same goes for your doors, since warped frames could cause slight difficulties opening or closing a door with it getting stuck in the frame. This is another issue with weight being unevenly dispersed in your home due to roof problems.  

Leaking Water

Leaks usually start tiny, with you not noticing them at first. It may take a while for the water to reach the ceiling of the top floor thanks to insulation that absorbs the water as it comes in. A leak can also weaken the support beams, potentially causing them to give way.


Do you hear popping or creaking coming from your attic? This can be from stress due to a broken roof with different areas being forced to take on more weight. Don't ignore those odd noises, since they could be the difference between catching a problem early or too late. 

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