How Color Affect Roof-Related Expenses

You are likely to go with what pleases you when choosing your roof's color, but aesthetics shouldn't be the only consideration you should have when choosing your roof's color. You may not know this, but color plays a huge role in your roof-related expenses. Here are some of the factors that connect color and roofing expenses:

Energy Efficiency

Dark colors absorb more heat from the sun than light colors, which reflect most of the heat. Thus, if your roof is black, it will get heated more, which raises the temperature in the upper levels of your house. This means your air conditioner will use more energy to cool your house if you have a dark roof than if you have a light roof. This can increase your energy bill significantly, especially if you live in a warm climate. Therefore, lighter colors are suitable for warm climates.

The reverse is true in cold climates; you need darker colors that can warm up fast and help you cool the room to reduce your energy costs. A heated roof will also help to melt accumulated snow and prevent related damage.

Color Fading

In some cases, the color of a roof may give a rough approximation on how long it may last. For example, the color and materials of roof slate can tell you how long it will last and where it came from. This is because the color of slate is an indication of its chemical composition, which determines how it is affected by weathering. For example, unfading red roofing slate, which is mined in Washington County, New York, is one of the most durable slates around.

Therefore, when it comes to slate, the color of the material may indicate how soon you may need to replace your roof. Slate colors can be confusing, however, and it is best to let an experienced person help you analyze them.

Cost of Roof Material

Apart from durability, color may also affect the cost of roof slates. For example, the unfading red roofing slate mentioned above is both rare and expensive. The effect is also there for metal roofs; custom colors cost more than off-the-rack colors. Therefore, you may have to pay above-market rates if you want a metal roof and the available colors don't tickle your fancy.

Therefore, don't choose your roof's color on a whim, especially if you are operating on a limited budget. Instead, sit down with a roofing contractor to help you come up with an appealing and affordable choice.