Choosing Replacement Roofing

When you have to replace your roof, you need to look at a couple of factors in order to improve on the weaknesses of your first roof. For one, you should consider how long your roof lasted. For another, you should look at whether you had to replace the roof due to damage. Based on these two factors, you should then choose a roofing material that will improve on the weaknesses of your first roof. 


Each type of roofing material comes with a different expected lifespan. While asphalt shingles are highly popular, they are not the most long-lasting. A good asphalt roof will last for about 25 years. While this sounds impressive, consider that clay tiles can last for 100 years and metal roofing can last for upwards of 120 years. While both clay and metal will cost more initially than asphalt shingles, you would have to replace your asphalt shingles four times before you have to replace your clay tiles even once, and five times before you would have to replace your metal roof. Furthermore, you can virtually eliminate the need to replace your roof during your lifetime. Unless clay or metal costs more than five times as much as asphalt shingles, the longer lasting roofing material is the better value. 


Another factor to consider is how well your roof holds up to the elements. Hailstones or falling limbs can scrape the protective granules off asphalt shingles or crack clay tiles. Wind can also rip asphalt shingles right off your roof. In contrast, clay tiles are heavy, so the wind is unlikely to pull them off your roof, but both clay tiles and asphalt roofing will allow snow to build up on your roof until the weight of the snow threatens roof collapse. Metal roofing, on the other hand, is lightweight, resistant to impact and wind damage, and will allow snow to slide off your roof. 

In order to choose what type of roofing is best for you, you should talk to a roofer about what kind of damage they see in the roof you need to replace. For example, if you have to replace your roof because a strong wind ripped several shingles away and you have to shovel snow off of your roof during the winter to keep it from collapsing, you should choose a metal roof, which will resist wind damage and will slough snow off your roof. A well-informed roofing choice will give you the best value for your money. Visit a site like for more information on roofing materials.