Best – And Worst-- Roofing Materials For A Chateauesque Home

Chateauesque homes take style cues from the regal yet rustic French chateaus. The Chateauesque home features a number of ornamental aspects, including the shapes and trim on the windows and doors, turrets and dormers, and spires and pinnacles on the roof. The roof has a hipped shape, which features four medium-sloped sides that meet at a shallow peak. A hipped roof is highly visible from the ground so choosing the best roofing material involves considering both style and function.

Do you have a Chateauesque home that needs a new roof? Here are a few of the best – and worst – roofing materials you can discuss with your roofing contractors.

Best: Slate Tiles

Chateauesque homes often feature stone or brick construction or siding. You can mirror that classic elegance on the roof with the use of slate tiles as your roofing material.

Slate comes only in the natural colors of the stone, which brings both a natural beauty and some interesting visual differences between the tile patterns. The tiles are durable and low-maintenance but come with a higher price tag than most other materials, and require you to hire a roofing contractor with experience installing slate. Mishandling the heavy tiles could lead to expensive breaks or rooftop damage.

Your roofing contractors can install the slate tiles in geometric lines similar to other shingle materials, or install the tiles in a brick pattern such as herringbone. The latter works well when you have brick siding with a distinct pattern you can mirror on the roof with a lighter-toned material.

Best: Wood Shakes

Don't like the look of slate or need to save a bit of money off your project budget? Consider using wood shakes as the roofing material. The thick-cut cedar shakes have rustic warmth that matches well with brick siding. Shakes can add texture and dimension to the hipped roof and give the home more of a country estate appearance.

Shakes do require more maintenance in the long-run since the material can warp with repeated exposure to the freezes of winter and the summer heats, which cause wood to contract and expand, respectively. Insects can also damage wood shakes over time. Regular checks and occasional maintenance can keep these problems at bay.   

Worst: Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles have become one of the most popular modern roofing materials due to the combination of low cost, decent durability, and improved fabrication methods that include a number of colors and textures. But the material still doesn't have the regal look or rustic charm required to match up with a Chateauesque home's general appearance.

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