Three Common Questions About Roofing Hail Damage

Having a roof that has suffered severe damage can be a stressful problem for you to have to face. In particular, hail stones can be a common source of damage for roofs. If you have recently acquired your first home, you might benefit from having a few of your questions about this threat answered.

What Type Of Damage Can Hail Stones Cause To Your Roof?

Hail stones can be remarkably heavy, and they can also achieve extremely high velocities as they fall from the sky. Together, these two factors can enable these ice stones to loosen or remove shingles and tiles, cause cracks in the wood of the roof, and leave dents that can allow water to pool. Unfortunately, these damages will often worsen as time passes, which makes it critical to have this type of damage repaired as soon as you notice that it has occurred.

Are There Warning Signs Your Roof Has Suffered Hail Damage?

Prompt repair of hail damage is essential, but many homeowners will not perform a visual inspection following these storms. To check for hail damage, you will need to climb on the roof. While on the roof, you should look for missing shingles or cracks in the roofing tiles. Additionally, you will need to make sure that the shingles and tiles are properly aligned as the impact from the stones may cause them to come out of alignment, which can allow moisture to seep between the tiles or shingles. If there are no signs of damage on the exterior of the roof, you should look at the ceiling in the attic. Often, small leaks can develop after hail storms, and checking the attic may allow you to catch this problem before it is able to cause rot or mold to develop.

Will The Entire Roof Need To Be Replaced Following Hail Damage?

When your roof has sustained hail damage, you may be concerned about the entire roof needing to be replaced. However, this may not have to be the case. In instances where the only portions of the roof have sustained damaged, it will be possible to simply patch and repair the damaged areas of the roof. Unfortunately, when the roof has sustained widespread hail damage, it will be necessary to repair or replace the entire roof. While this may not be the outcome you were wanting, it can be the most effective way of ensuring that the entire roof will be able to withstand the elements.

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