Tips For Identifying A Monterey Home – And How To Choose The Best Roofing Material

Eclectic residential architectural styles can prove hard to identify by name, even if you own a home of that style. Monterey homes are an example that can seem hard to distinguish from Contemporary or even Craftsman style homes. But the Monterey has some distinct elements that can help you pinpoint its name to better understand its architectural elements and to best choose a roofing material for a roof restoration project.

What are some tips for identifying a Monterey home – and what are the best roofing materials you can request from your roofing installation contractors?

Monterey Identification

Monterey homes have the simple geometric lines of a Colonial but with a distinct Spanish influence in the architectural ornamentations. The Monterey's second story has a telltale balcony with a rail made of decorative wrought iron or wood. The home's siding can involve light-colored stucco, brick, wood or a combination of these elements for a more eclectic look.

A Monterey home has either a flat roof or a modified gable roof with a low pitch. The type of roof on your home combines with the siding material and the ornamentation to help guide you towards the best roofing material.

Best Flat Roof Material: Metal Roofing

The flat roof on a Monterey has a slight slope so that rainwater doesn't simply sit stagnant on the roof but rather runs down the slope and into the drainage system. People can't see this roof from the ground, so you don't need to spend a fortune on an eye-catching roofing material that will match the other elements of your home. Instead, choose a material that can help improve both drainage and waterproofing on that flatter roof style.

Metal roofing comes in either shingle-like rectangles or long, standing seam planks. The former installs flatter while the latter installs with an alternating pattern of vertical seams and valleys. Both types can improve water runoff due to the smoothness of the material, but standing seams offers better waterproofing since the planks firmly snap together to avoid any areas where water could leak through.

Best Low Gable Roof Material: Wood Roofing

A gable roof is one of the simplest styles out there: two sides meet in the middle at the ridge for an inverted V-shape. Gables often have steeper sides, but on the Monterey these slopes are vastly reduced to a low slope. The low slope means that a lightweight material like asphalt is an option because there isn't a risk of wind damage like with the steeper sloped gables. While asphalt shingles are a great choice if you need to stick to a tight budget, wood shingles would pair better with the Monterey style.

Wood shakes have a more textured look if you want to mimic the look of Spanish tile without the weight of the clay, which could prove too much for the minimal-braced gable to handle. Shakes can come in a variety of stain colors to also mimic the earthy warmth of clay and can easily match with stucco, brick, or wood siding.

For more information about what the best roofing material is for your home, talk with professional roofers, such as those at Jerry's Roofing.