A Metal Roof Coating Could Save Your Old Commercial Roof

If your commercial building has a metal roof that's showing its age with rust and leaky areas, you'll want to replace it or repair it before water damage is done to your building. Replacing a metal roof is an expensive option. An alternative to consider is to have a coating put on the metal roof to extend its life. Here's why it's a better option than putting on a new roof.

You Can Avoid Tear-Off Costs

If you have a large building, the cost of tearing off the old roof and disposing of the materials could be significant. You can eliminate that cost by keeping your old roof and having a coating applied on top of it. This reduces the amount of labor involved in fixing your roof, and it cuts down on the disruption around your building that might bother your employees or customers.

The Coating Is Less Expensive Than A New Roof

A metal roof coating is much less expensive than buying a new metal roof. You'll save a lot of money upfront and also on repairs in the upcoming years. Metal roof coating lasts for many years, but if it is damaged, it can easily be spot repaired. This makes it convenient and affordable to maintain. You may eventually want to have a new roof put on, but if your budget is tight now, you can postpone a new roof for several years.

Metal Roof Coating Adds Waterproof Protection

The coating applied to metal roofs is sprayed onto the surface of the roof. It forms a single, continuous layer when it dries so there are no seams or gaps that rain can leak through. In addition, the coating is waterproof, so rain rolls off it. If your metal roof is leaky now, the coating stops the leaks, and it helps prevent future problems with leaks and rust.

The Coating Reflects UV Rays

Another beneficial property of metal roof coatings is that they reflect UV rays and prevent solar heating of the building. Having a cool roof could lower your energy bill in the summer and keep your building more comfortable.

A metal roof coating is an effective way to extend the life of an old roof. By keeping your old roof longer and by ensuring it won't leak, you'll save money that can be used elsewhere in your operations. Before you decide to have a new roof put on and disrupt your normal routine that could result in lost income, talk to a commercial roofer about having your roof coated. It could be the best solution for your roofing problem.

For more information, contact your local commercial roofing services.