Three Useful Tips for Selecting Aluminum Windows

Have you finally decided on using aluminum windows for your home? If so, you now need to make some specific decision about how your windows are constructed. Not all aluminum windows are made the same, which is why it will help to know the following tips when selecting aluminum windows.

Thermal Breaks

Some upgrades you'll see when shopping for aluminum windows are models that have thermal breaks. Some companies, like, know that thermal breaks are essentially synthetic insulation that's put inside the aluminum frame, which helps it be more energy efficient. It's impossible to see these breaks on the window's exterior, but you'll see the difference in your heating and cooling bills.

Low-E Coatings

Another upgrade you can make it to purchase windows with low E-coatings. This feature consists of a window film that assists with filtering UV light from the sun, but still allows light to come in. Adding this feature will improve the window's R-value and U-factor, (which are how energy efficiency is measured). You'll want to look for windows that have a low U-factor, but a high R-value. This is often done by combining low E-coatings and thermal breaks.

Multi-Pane Glass

There are many options for how many panes of glass you want to have in each aluminum frame window. You can get one, two, or three panes of glass, and the ability to choose different thicknesses as well. Ideally, you want at least two panes of glass in the windows throughout your home. This allows a gas, argon or krypton, to be inserted between the panes which helps with energy efficiency. This simply cannot be done with one pane of glass. Krypton glass is going to be dense and efficient, while argon gas is cheaper and can still do a fine job at providing insulation While a third pane of glass is going to make the windows very expensive, they often rival the energy efficiency of using two panes of glass that are filled with a gas. One reason to go with three pane glass windows is if you live on a busy street, since the windows can help insulate your home from the noise caused by the traffic outside your home.

If you are not sure what decisions to make for your aluminum windows, reach out to a local window contractor in your area. They'll review the different options with you, inform you of the price differences, and help you reach a final decision.