3 Essential Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor

Has spring weather recently revealed that your roof isn't as sound as you thought it was? Do you need to get it fixed as soon as possible before any further damage can occur? Whatever the exact cause, dealing with a leaky roof is never a fun situation. If you've never had to get a roof fixed before, the thought of finding the right person for the job may be sending you into a mild panic. In any given area, there may be a dozen or more roofing companies you can hire. In order to narrow these options down to the right one for your needs, you'll need to ask the right questions. To do this, you should start making a list and some of the most important questions you should include on this list are as follows:

How soon can you send someone out? Although it's unlikely that an experienced roofing contractor will be able to begin work immediately, there should still be someone available to come out and assess the damage in order to give you an estimate for the repair. They can also cover the affected area with a tarp so as to help prevent further damage while you wait for qualified roofers to be available to enact your repairs.

Does your estimate include everything? Each roofing contractor will write his or her estimates slightly differently, which can sometimes make it difficult to compare them. Making the task even harder is that some contractors may not include seemingly inconsequential things like nails, metal flashing, or all labor costs in the initial estimate, even though they will show up on the final bill. The difference may or may not be all that much, but you still deserve to get a full estimate before you make your decision on who to hire to fix or replace your roof.

Will your company actually be completing the work? When very busy, a roofing contractor will sometimes sub-contract out roof repair and replacement to a smaller roofing company. There is nothing seriously wrong with this practice, except that it can make it difficult to get repairs if you need to file a warranty claim. The initial contractor may try to claim that the other company needs to perform the repairs, while the smaller roofing company is telling you that the warranty should be honored by the contractor you contacted initially. If you do choose a contractor who is sub-contracting the work, make sure you clarify with both parties ahead of time exactly who will be responsible if your roof is in need of repairs while it's under warranty.