Could Your Roof Be In Bad Shape? 3 Ways You Know It Needs Professional Attention

The roof is among the most important structures that make up your house. It protects everything below it from water, sunshine, snow, wind, dust, and other external elements. The best time to determine the perfect roof type for your home is when you are installing it. You should also ensure you maintain the roof in excellent shape so it can serve you and your family for as long as possible.

However, even with good maintenance skills, the time will come when your roof will get damaged. When this happens, you will need a reputable roofer to help repair or replace your roof. Here are three signs that your roof needs a roofer's attention.

When You Have Moss and Lichen on the Roof

The first way to tell that a roofer needs to inspect your roof is when you see moss, algae, and lichen all over its surface. The presence of such growths on the roof follows a process. It might start with excessive shade from the trees that are near your roof. Water from the rain and other sources will lead to moisture retention, and eventually, this will cause mold, mildew, and algae to grow.

If the growth is limited or insignificant, a roofer can use some treatment options to remove it from your roof. However, if a larger section of the roof is covered with the growth, then the roof and the supporting structures might be in bad shape and need repair or replacement.

When the Shingles Curl and Become Brittle

Another way to tell that your roof is in bad shape is when the shingles start curling. Several things cause the shingles to curl. The most common reason why shingles curl is the presence of moisture in the attic. The moisture affects the bottom part of the shingles, forcing them to cup.

If you notice some cupped or curled shingles, contact a professional roofer to inspect your attic and help you determine whether it is properly ventilated. Proper ventilation can help eliminate further damage. The roofer will help you replace the damaged bits so your roof can be reliable and functional again.

When the Shingles Have Blisters

Another way to know that your roof isn't in good shape is when the shingles develop blisters. Blisters are small erosions caused by hail and other physical forces. Shingles with blisters usually threaten the security of your home because they can cause leaks inside the house. Have a professional roofer check the parts that are blistering to determine whether they need replacement or repair.

Once you notice that something is wrong with your roof, get a professional to check it and help you determine whether it needs replacement or repair. The roofer will know what to do to help you minimize damage and maximize the roof's durability and the quality of the service it offers you. Contact a roofing company to learn more.