5 Reasons You Should Select Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing is ideal for commercial buildings. This type of roofing is made using ply sheets and bitumen as the foundation of the roofing. The top is then finished with a material that gives a pebble-like appearance. Besides the appealing and decorative surface of the roof, here are the top 5 reasons you should choose this roofing system. 

1. They Are Easy to Maintain

Built-up roofs are less prone to damage than shingles. That is because the roofs are installed in large sheets, unlike shingles that need to be layered on the roof one after the other as several units. Thus, despite the two types containing similar materials, built-up roofs have a maintenance advantage over shingles. 

2. They Are Durable

Built-up roofing systems can last for up to 30 years when installed professionally. That is due to the ballast asphalt and plies used as foundation layers. They can last longer when using them for low-slope roofing. 

3. They Provide Excellent Insulation 

These roofing systems are made by placing bitumen and ply sheets as a foundation, as mentioned before. Then a surfacing material is applied on top of the foundation layers. As a result, the system provides excellent insulation to the building. That means the indoors will stay cool since the sun's heat cannot easily penetrate inside.

Additionally, this roof resists the entry of moisture into the roof. That means it will stay longer before getting leaks due to rotting. Remember, water is one of the primary activators of roof damage. Moisture damage accelerates on cheaper roofing alternatives, especially during rainy seasons. 

4. They Offer Protection from Fire 

The use of ballasted asphalt on a built-up roof makes it fire retardant and protects your building from fire damage. In that case, it protects your office valuables and equipment from unforeseen losses that could happen due to fire. Additionally, you can select built-up roof types that do not produce harmful fumes and thus help conserve the environment. 

5. They Are Easy to Repair

Most of the problems occurring on these systems are easy to solve. These include cracks, ripples, and blisters on the surface of the roofing. You can easily remove the materials and patch the roof to fix an issue. That is easy, quick, and cheap. 

When choosing built-up roofing systems, it is essential to understand the various types of materials that make them. That is because different materials suit different styles and render varied benefits. 

To learn more about built-up roofing systems, contact a local roofing contractor.