Why Your Commercial Building's Roof Should Have A Walkway On It

If you’ve just bought a commercial building in which to operate your business, one of your first priorities may be to have the roof replaced. Getting this work done as quickly as possible can be advantageous, but you’ll want to think about what additional elements should be a part of your roof. Commercial roofing contractors can do far more than just replace roofs. If you need certain additions put on the roof, they’re the people to talk to.

Tips For Maintaining Your Business's EPDM Roof

EPDM roofing membranes, often referred to as rubber roofs, are a common choice for a flat-roofed commercial building. While these roofs are water-tight, cost-effective, and durable, they do not last forever. You can prolong the life of your EPDM roof by maintaining it properly. The following tips will help. Schedule routine cleaning Your EPDM roof should be cleaned monthly. This is actually a simple process. The membrane itself only needs to be swept with a soft-bristle broom or hosed down with minimal pressure to remove pollen, pollution residue, and grit.

Roofs And Storm Damage: A Homeowner's Guide

All homeowners realize the importance of a sound roof in safeguarding the house from structural damage. When a roof is damaged in a severe storm, it’s essential that you react immediately to prevent water from entering the house and undermining its structural integrity. Here is a brief guide for homeowners regarding this precarious situation. Inspection Naturally, the first step after the storm has passed is to inspect the roof and your home for any damage.

3 Essential Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor

Has spring weather recently revealed that your roof isn’t as sound as you thought it was? Do you need to get it fixed as soon as possible before any further damage can occur? Whatever the exact cause, dealing with a leaky roof is never a fun situation. If you’ve never had to get a roof fixed before, the thought of finding the right person for the job may be sending you into a mild panic.

Caring For A Strip Mall's Roof

If you own a small strip mall, you owe it to your retail tenants to care for the entire property. While they run their stores, generally you’ll handle repairs, landscaping, and other issues. The mall’s roof may not have made your to-do list this week, but caring for it protects your tenants and your investment. However, you might not know much about roofs and which maintenance activities need your time. Try these.

Put New Roof Shingles On Yourself Or Hire A Professional To Do It?

If you are a bit handy around the house and have found that you are missing some shingles on the roof, you may want to get up there and do the repairs yourself. While this is not impossible, there are a few things you should consider before grabbing a toolkit and climbing up the ladder. You need to be honest with yourself and willing to admit to your limits. It might be better to contact a professional if you realize the job involves more than what you are comfortable doing.

Is It Time to Buy a New Roof?

With Christmas just around the corner, a new roof was more than likely not on your list of things to shop for. If heavy rains or other inclement weather occurred in your area, you might have realized that you have no choice but to buy a new roof. On the other hand, there might not have been anything dramatic happen, but you just realize that it’s time to buy a new roof.

How Roof Cleaning Affects The Value Of Your Home

Preparing your home for sale and making the actual sale is a very stressful and time-consuming process for many homeowners. Contracting experts in roofing to make renovations, upgrading your property, and cleaning your home are some of the things you are expected to do. However, cleaning your roof is one of the best ways to add value to your home. When it comes to roofing maintenance, roof cleaning are very essential in adding value to your home.

Lengthening The Life Of Your Roof: 4 Tips

You can actually lengthen the life of your roof if you pay attention to this part of your house, make repairs as needed, and perform preventative maintenance. The cost of a new roof can be hefty, so if you aren’t taking good care of it, you could be in need of a new one before its lifetime is actually up. Read on for tips to help you lengthen the life of your roof.

Home In A Hot Climate? Consider These Two Roofing Materials

If your home is located in a hot region of the country, you may be wondering what is the best type of roofing material for it. With there being so many options available, here are a few that will be an excellent choice. Copper Roofing Copper is good for a home when it’s located in a very hot region due to how it is reflective. The roofing material won’t absorb the sunlight but will reflect it so that it goes away from your home.

There's A Chill In The Air: How To Get Your Commercial Building Prepped For Winter

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to make sure that your commercial building is ready for the transition. You might think that the hot summer months are the most brutal for your building, but that’s not actually true. The harsh winter weather can be particularly damaging for most commercial buildings. This is particularly true if the proper steps haven’t been taken to get things ready. Unfortunately, winter problems can spell disaster for your business, especially if those problems require you to shut down operations for emergency repairs.

3 Vital Questions To Help You Choose A Roofer

Do you have a roof that is starting to show its age? Are you wanting to replace it before it starts leaking, but you’re not sure how to do that? Getting a roof replaced can sometimes be confusing, even though you’re hiring someone to do the work for you. After all, choosing who to hire and why can result in a plethora of options, not all of which are intuitive. Fortunately, there are questions you can ask that can help you to narrow down your choices to just one or two options instead of feeling like you need to pick one at random.

Three Useful Tips for Selecting Aluminum Windows

Have you finally decided on using aluminum windows for your home? If so, you now need to make some specific decision about how your windows are constructed. Not all aluminum windows are made the same, which is why it will help to know the following tips when selecting aluminum windows. Thermal Breaks Some upgrades you’ll see when shopping for aluminum windows are models that have thermal breaks. Some companies, like, know that thermal breaks are essentially synthetic insulation that’s put inside the aluminum frame, which helps it be more energy efficient.

4 Reasons To Schedule An Annual Gutter Cleaning

When was the last time you had the gutters cleaned at your home? If it’s been more than a year, then you’re probably due for a gutter cleaning to remove leaves, dirt, and other debris. And while technically gutter cleaning is a project you can take on yourself, it is always best to leave this task up to a professional for your own safety and to ensure the job is done correctly.

A Metal Roof Coating Could Save Your Old Commercial Roof

If your commercial building has a metal roof that’s showing its age with rust and leaky areas, you’ll want to replace it or repair it before water damage is done to your building. Replacing a metal roof is an expensive option. An alternative to consider is to have a coating put on the metal roof to extend its life. Here’s why it’s a better option than putting on a new roof.

Tips For Safely Inspecting Your Home's Asphalt Shingle Roof

If you want to inspect your home’s asphalt shingle roof but do not feel safe climbing up on it with a ladder, then these tips will help you safely inspect it for damage without risking your life in the process. Tip: Use a Pair of Binoculars to Inspect Your Roof from the Ground The best way to get a good look at your roof from the ground is to use a pair of binoculars.

Harness The Power Of Roof Reflection To Reduce Your Cooling Bills

You’ve probably heard the advice to wear light-colored shirts on a hot day because they reflect more sunlight, keeping you cool. If you’ve followed this advice, you may have realized just how effective this strategy really is! When trying to save money in your cooling bills, you can put the same concept to use – but with your roof. Here’s a closer look. How can you use reflectivity to keep your home cooler?

Why Asphalt Shingles Must Be Inspected

As a homeowner, it is important for you to make sure repairs are made when they are needed in order to prevent the house from falling into bad shape. One of the areas of a house that is often neglected is the roof. You should get the roof inspected every now and then in case there are any concerns. For instance, if you have an asphalt shingle roof, you should stay on top of water damage, algae growth, and missing granules so prompt repairs can be made.

Understanding the Basic Tools Needed for Roof Repair

There are quite a few tasks that must be done when it comes to repairing the roof of a home. Each particular task has to be completed in stages and require specific materials and tools. When a roof contractor is equipped with the correct tools, it allows them to repair the roof, both quickly and efficiently. The information listed below provides some details on the basic tools, roofing contractors use when repairing your roof.

Indoor And Outdoor Roof Inspection Tips After A Strong Wind Storm

Wind storms don’t wait for a convenient time to strike, and you only have to look at the Pensacola families who spent New Years Day cleaning up debris to see how damaging strong winds can be. As a first-time homeowner, you may not realize the impact high winds can have on your roof. The problem with not noticing your roof has been damaged by a wind storm is the damage water can do to the interior of your home.

Tips For Identifying A Monterey Home – And How To Choose The Best Roofing Material

Eclectic residential architectural styles can prove hard to identify by name, even if you own a home of that style. Monterey homes are an example that can seem hard to distinguish from Contemporary or even Craftsman style homes. But the Monterey has some distinct elements that can help you pinpoint its name to better understand its architectural elements and to best choose a roofing material for a roof restoration project.

Three Common Questions About Roofing Hail Damage

Having a roof that has suffered severe damage can be a stressful problem for you to have to face. In particular, hail stones can be a common source of damage for roofs. If you have recently acquired your first home, you might benefit from having a few of your questions about this threat answered. What Type Of Damage Can Hail Stones Cause To Your Roof? Hail stones can be remarkably heavy, and they can also achieve extremely high velocities as they fall from the sky.

Reasons To Consider Installing A Tile Roof On Your Home

If you’re renovating an old house and want to give it an upscale look, you should consider installing a tile roof. A tile roof is a good investment because it increases the value of your home so it will appraise for a higher value if you ever decide to sell it. Tile roofing has other advantages too. Here’s a look at some of them. Luxury Appearance A tile roof gives your home a luxury appearance.

Green Versus White Roofs: What Are the Differences?

As a homeowner, it’s possible that you are looking for ways to save on your energy costs for cooling. Two ways that you can do this are with a green roof or a white roof. With both of these types of roof having their own benefits, it helps to know the differences so you can decide which one is best for your house. White Roofs White roofs are coated using a paint that has reflective properties.

Wasting Energy In Your Home? 3 Steps To Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient

If your home is losing energy, the problem might be with your roof. Your roof is responsible for insulating your home against the elements. If it’s not doing its job, you’re going to be wasting energy on a daily basis. Here are three steps you should take to make sure that your roof is as energy-efficient as possible. Choose a Lighter Color If it’s about time to install a new roof on your home, you might want to consider choosing a lighter color for your shingles.

Best – And Worst-- Roofing Materials For A Chateauesque Home

Chateauesque homes take style cues from the regal yet rustic French chateaus. The Chateauesque home features a number of ornamental aspects, including the shapes and trim on the windows and doors, turrets and dormers, and spires and pinnacles on the roof. The roof has a hipped shape, which features four medium-sloped sides that meet at a shallow peak. A hipped roof is highly visible from the ground so choosing the best roofing material involves considering both style and function.

5 Reasons To Choose Slate Roofing

Slate roofing has been used for centuries and is often found on important historic buildings, thanks to its beauty and durability. When looking at roofing options, here are five reasons to consider slate tile: Slate Lasts (Almost) Forever Slate roofs can last as long as 150 years if properly maintained. Slate is a hard, strong natural stone which is resistant to water damage, rot, mold, leaking, and other maladies faced by less durable roofing material.

Choosing Replacement Roofing

When you have to replace your roof, you need to look at a couple of factors in order to improve on the weaknesses of your first roof. For one, you should consider how long your roof lasted. For another, you should look at whether you had to replace the roof due to damage. Based on these two factors, you should then choose a roofing material that will improve on the weaknesses of your first roof.

How To Save Money On Having Your Home Re-Roofed Without Sacrificing Quality

Having a new roof put on your home is not cheap, but you don’t want to skimp and go with a non-reputable company or inferior materials in an effort to save. You’ll end up paying more in the long run because you’ll need extensive repairs or another premature roof replacement. That does not mean, however, that there are not ways to make your roof replacement more affordable. Here are three ways to spend less on your roof replacement without sacrificing quality.

3 Care Tips For Maintaining A Metal Roof

Have you been thinking about getting a metal roof installed on your house but don’t know how durable it will be? A metal roof can actually last for many years when it is properly taken care of. There are also many benefits that come along with having a metal roof that will contribute to how long it lasts. For instance, you won’t have to worry about a metal roof catching on fire, deteriorating from algae spores or rotting away from mold growth.

Keeping Cool: Roofing Materials That Are Good For Hot Climates

The roof of your home is definitely considered an essential part of its construction, but it also can go unnoticed or largely unconsidered when compared to designing the more exciting or finicky spaces in your home. However, if you live in a climate (such as the American Southwest) that experiences extreme heat during the summer, you should take another look at the roofing material you’ve chosen and make sure it’ll work for you, rather than against you, when the warmer months come.

Three Great Roofing Materials For Coastal Zones

If you live along the coast, the roof of your home has to put up with a lot. From the wind-driven rain of seaside storms to the salty air, these conditions can wreak havoc on a roof that’s not up for the challenge. When it’s time for a new roof, choose one of these super-durable roofing materials that will last for decades and require few repairs. Clay Tiles Clay tiles are often favored among coastal homeowners because of their baked, beachy appearance, but their good looks are only one of their many assets.

3 Benefits Provided By Slate Roofing Tiles

One of the best materials that you can consider when replacing your roof is slate, mostly because slate roofing tiles can provide you and your home with a large number of benefits. Listed below are three benefits provided by slate roofing tiles.  Environmentally Friendly A major concern for many homeowners is that their home needs to be environmentally friendly, which slate can help them accomplish. The primary reason that slate is so good for the environment is that it will last a very long time, which results in less slate needing to be quarried and less roofing materials ending up in a landfill.

How Color Affect Roof-Related Expenses

You are likely to go with what pleases you when choosing your roof’s color, but aesthetics shouldn’t be the only consideration you should have when choosing your roof’s color. You may not know this, but color plays a huge role in your roof-related expenses. Here are some of the factors that connect color and roofing expenses: Energy Efficiency Dark colors absorb more heat from the sun than light colors, which reflect most of the heat.

6 Signs That You Need Immediate Roof Repair Or Replacement

While your roof could go unnoticed throughout most of the year since you spend most of your time inside, it shouldn’t be ignored. If you see any of these signs, it could mean that you need immediately roof repair or replacement. Lighting Fixtures That Push Downward Take a look at the lighting fixtures in your home. Do any of them push downward from the ceiling? Does the housing they are connected to look unsecure?

Safety Tips For Working On Your Roof This Spring

If part of your spring cleaning includes cleaning debris off your roof and cleaning out your gutters and drains, it is vital that you also know how to work safely on your roof as well. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind as you clear off your roof and do routine maintenance this spring. Always Let Someone Know When You Will Be Working On Your Roof You should never work on your roof alone.

Three Important Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

The fact that you don’t spend much time looking at your roof each day shouldn’t mean that you disregard this important part of your home. Even if you can’t clearly see your roof from the ground, it’s necessary to give consideration to how you can keep your roof lasting as long as possible. While hiring a reputable roofing contractor can help you deal with any damage to the shingles or sheathing before they cause major problems, it’s ideal to take a series of preventative steps that will decrease the likelihood that you’ll run into roofing issues.

Three Questions That Are Important To Ask When Hiring A Roofer

Although you might not spend much time looking at it, your roof represents an important element of your home. Without a roof that is structurally sound, you’d be looking at a considerable amount of rain damage in your attic and the upper floor of your home. When your existing roof reaches the point that it’s in need of repair or replacement, it’s important to get onto the task of hiring a roofing contractor as soon as possible.

3 Tips For Maintaining Your Rubber Roofing System

There are several types of roofing systems available that will protect your largest investment, your roof. When it comes to a reliable roofing system, many homeowners choose to go with a rubber roofing system. For many homeowners, a rubber roof means less costs to install and maintain, plus it provides a durable coating that is reliable through various types of weather. In fact, a rubber roofing system can last 50 years or more if it is properly installed.

A Bird Damage Guide For Commercial Roofs

Your roof protects your business from the elements, but what is there to protect your roof from dangers? One often-overlooked threat to flat commercial roofs is birds. Pigeons, gulls, sparrows, and other birds can all see a roof as the perfect home – it’s far above predators, HVAC systems and equipment provide cover, and there is plenty of room to congregate. This guide will help you understand the dangers birds pose and provide you with ways to prevent it.

How A Roofing Contractor Can Benefit Your Home

Is your roof starting to hurt the appearance of your home? If so, hiring a contractor to maintenance and renovate your roof may be more important than you think. Roof complications aren’t only costly damages to deal with, but if your roof’s appearance isn’t ideal, then you could be hurting the price of your property by not having a great curb appeal due to a poor quality roof. To ensure your roof is in top tier condition, you will want to obtain services like:

How To Patch A Leaky Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated (paneled) metal roofs are commonly installed on sheds, garages, and it is still installed on some residential housing. If you have a corrugated metal roof, you come to appreciate its low maintenance and ease of installation. However, they are prone to wind damage that moves the panels, causing a leak. Here are some tips on fixing leaks on a corrugated metal roof. Make Preparations For this project, you will need:

Is Your Roof Ready For A Rooftop Deck?

If you are dreaming of a rooftop deck to escape the noise and grit of city life, the first thing that you should consider is the condition of your roof. It would be expensive and troublesome to have a roof deck installed, only to have it removed for roof repair or replacement. If your roof is in bad enough shape, the weight of a roof deck may cause the roof to collapse.

How To Make Your Roof More Energy-Efficient

It’s a big trend these days to make all aspects of modern life more energy-efficient. While you may have modern appliances inside your home to decrease your energy bill, there’s another way to save energy, and it’s right over your head. Your roof plays an important role in how much energy your home uses. Even if you live in an older home, or your new home’s energy bill makes your jaw drop, you can turn the tables.

Why Is Your Roof Buckling?

If you look at your roof from the ground, can you see areas that look like they’re lifting up or bubbling up? This phenomenon, where portions of the roof lift upward, is known as buckling. It is a serious concern because it can cause leaks. Here’s a look at the three most common causes of buckling, and what can be done to fix them. Cause #1: Inadequate Spacing Between Roof Sheathing

What to know about vinyl siding for a home

Your home is a large investment and you want to keep that investment in tip-top shape. One of the best ways to protect your home is to have siding on it. If you do not have siding on your home, the exterior of the house will be open to damage from pests and the elements of Mother Nature. When it comes to your home’s siding, you have a number of options to choose from.

Tips For Choosing The Color Of Your Roof Trim

Choosing the color of your roof trim can be a difficult task. If you are having the roof professionally trimmed, then you are not going to want to have to redo the work that the professional did for fear that you will mess it up. If you are doing the roof trim painting yourself, then you’re probably not going to want to redo the job. Regardless of your situation, you want the color to be correct the first time.

Four Tips For Safely Inspecting Your Roof For Storm Damage

Storms affect many asphalt roofs and if yours is damaged, you may need to file an insurance claim and have repairs done. If you want to inspect your own roof before anyone else, you will want to be safe while doing it. This means properly using a ladder, staying clear of utilities and using fall protection if you get on the roof. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while inspecting your roof for storm damage.

Snow Is No Problem with a Metal Roof

Ice dams are a condition that plagues shingle roofs during the winter. As meltwater freezes over the eaves, blocks of ice form and can cause water to pool up behind them. This water can then run under shingles and leak into your house. Ice dams are just one of the problems that can plague your roof during cold weather. In order to better protect your home against the effects of snow, you need to install a roofing material that is snow proof.

Three Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe During And After A Roof Replacement

Having your roof replaced can bring quite a bit of relief if you’ve been dealing with leaks and disrepair. However, the process can present a few risks to kids. You have to be concerned about them stepping on nails, accidentally being hit with flying shingles, and bumping into ladders left leaning against your home. To keep your kids safe during and after your roof replacement, follow these three tips: Make sure your kids do not go outside without supervision.

Three Ways To Make Your New Roof Green And Energy Efficient

Roofs are one area of homes that often get overlooked when it comes to going green. Many people opt for the most affordable solution, which is asphalt shingles and a conventional roofing system. Today, many options available can make your home energy efficient and even give you renewable energy. With better underlayments, improved roofing shingles and solar systems integrated into your roof, your roof can do a lot more than just keep the rain out.

Roof Maintenance: Inspection And Repair Of The Soffits And Fascia

When it comes to maintaining your roof, you know to keep an eye on your shingles and to keep them in good repair. Yet, you may overlook the soffits and fascia boards that make up a major part of your roof. The fascia are the facing boards that run along the front edge of the roof, usually behind the gutters. The soffits are the boards underneath the edge of the roof.

Four Tips To Help With The Maintenance And Repairs Of Wood Windows

Wood is a popular choice of material for windows in homes. They need to have the proper care and repairs done to them to ensure that they last for many years. Some of the care your windows need include painting, sealing and caulking of the windows. You may also need to do things like repair small water damage and replace glass panes. Here are some tips to help you with care and repairs for wood windows and get more life out of them:

2 Roofing Villains You Might Never Suspect

When you think about things that could damage your roof, you might imagine things like hailstorms, falling branches, or installation mistakes. However, some of the things that can damage your roof the quickest aren’t as easy to spot. Here are two roofing villains you might never suspect and how you can fend off trouble: 1: Gutters Clogged With Leaves Cleaning leaves out of your gutters might seem like another spring cleaning job that nobody will notice, but it can actually impact your roof in addition to those downspouts.

Prepare For The Storms: Roofing Checklist For Commercial Property Managers

Your commercial property roof can easily slip your mind since it is out of sight. However, it is crucial that you create a checklist for your building maintenance crew to ensure that your roof is in good shape. This is particularly true after a heavy winter when damage could have occurred. This damage needs to be repaired prior to the spring storms that could bring in lots of rain, thunder and lightning, which could cause even more damage.

Three Ways To Repair And Revive Your Old Flat Asphalt Roofing

If you have an older asphalt roof, it will eventually decay and need repair and replacement. There are several options to renovate your asphalt roofing. Some of the options may be just repairs and patches to the roof to prevent leaks. You can do things like install a green roof and plants or install energy efficient roofing membranes on your flat roof. You can also integrate renewable energy into your roofing with solar membranes.

3 Reasons To Replace Your Existing Roof With Copper

Replacing your existing roof is a great way to increase the value of your home, and even improve the curb appeal of your home, while also being able to enjoy a great many other benefits that quality roofing materials can provide. Copper roofing tiles are among the best roofing materials that you can buy because they will last for many years, are durable, and can improve your home’s energy-efficiency. Energy-Efficiency

How To Reduce Algae Growth On Your Roof

If your roof receives a lot of shade and moisture, ugly algae can grow on the shingles, which then stains and ruins your roofing materials. Here are some tips for reducing the growth of algae on your roof. Wash Away the Algae Before you can work on preventing algae growth on your roof, you need to clean any current algae off. A good way to do this is by using water and bleach.

Don't Believe These Three Misconceptions About Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofs have been used on commercial buildings for decades, and they are increasing in popularity for residential homes. Although they are eco-friendly, energy-saving, and long-lasting, many people overlook spray foam roofs as an option for their homes because they believe one of these common misconceptions. Only when you know the real truth are you able to accurately decide whether or not a foam roof is right for you.

Identify The Issues Before You Opt For Roof Repair

There are two points about roof repair that you need to keep in mind—get it done on time and get it done by an expert. The roof protects your entire home from the natural elements and you cannot take any chance with its health. Common roof problems Among the most common problems with roofs are leaks and missing shingles. Leaks can happen due to many reasons and it is important that you identify them and get them repaired to avoid a larger and major damage later on.

Exposing Common Commercial Roofing Maintenance Misconceptions

Your business’s building is one of the most important investments that you can make, and it is critical to keep the roof of this building well maintained. Sadly, some business owners make the mistake of assuming that a couple of myths are true, and this can cause them to make mistakes that can lead to the need for expensive repairs. By dispelling the following couple of misconceptions, you should be in a better position to make smart decisions when it comes to your business’s roofs.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pyramid Roofs

Pyramid roofs, like their name suggests, are shaped like pyramids, with four equally sloped sides that allow for water to run off of the roof in all four directions. Pyramid roofs are most commonly found on sheds and small buildings, but they have a few useful applications for residential usage. This alternative roofing style is best suited for square shaped homes, though it is possible to install a rectangular version on your home if need be.

3 Keys To The Best Roof Maintenance

The roof that you have overhead is one of the most important things in your life, since it protects your family and your home, which is typically your most critical investment. Along with your foundation, the roof is the most crucial portion of your home, which means it must be protected for the long haul. Depending on the type of roof you have, you can expect it to last anywhere between 15 and 50 years.

How To Prepare Your Roof For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is a yearly concern for homes along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and represents a serious threat of damage to your home. The part of your home that is most susceptible to damage is your roof, as it bears the brunt of the majority of the wind and rain damage that the hurricane will throw at you. A roof that is not properly maintained or prepared for hurricane season can be more easily damaged, and let water into your home.

Answering A Couple Of Questions About Roofing Maintenance

Many homeowners are relatively uninformed about the roof that protects the home’s interior. This can lead to them needing extremely expensive repairs, but being properly informed about this part of the structure will help you avoid the expense of urgently needed roof repairs. While there are numerous questions that a homeowner may have about their roof, there are two maintenance topics that may get overlooked, but learning these answers should help you to protect your roof from some potentially serious problems.

Why A Foam Roof Coating May Be Ideal For Your Commercial Building

If your commercial building needs a new roof, you may want to consider applying a foam coating instead. You’ll get superior protection against leaking and wind damage, even if you have a flat roof. Here are some reasons a foam roof coating is a good choice. Leak Protection Foam roof coatings offer the ultimate protection against water leaking because of the way they are applied. The coating is sprayed onto the roof in liquid form.